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Replica U-Boat Chimera 46 TITANIO SKELETON 8066 watch


Replica U-Boat Chimera 46 TITANIO SKELETON 8066 watch

The constructive u-boat replica thinking of Italo Fontana, the creative designer of u-boats, is always attracted by form and object, characterized by strong and eternal identity. His love of retro culture led him in 2000 to create a revival of the watch his grandfather had founded in 1942, originally for Italian naval pilots. Every clock on the company's u-boat, including its classic-style, flight deck and collection of thousands of feet long, features vintage style and sophisticated design.
The new chimera u-51 bronze, launched in 2012, is made entirely of bronze. To preserve the natural colour of the material, the bronze was treated with a carefully selected acid, but not covered with rhodium. According to the brand's philosophy, the watches are painted, faded and then scratched by hand, giving them a "respectable" age. Shell diameter is 46 mm. The maximum strength of the table frame and the back of the watch is to close the outer tube. A large crown, set at 9 o 'clock, is equipped with a special protection system. The chronograph button is screwed on the crown protection system. The front of the case is a curved sapphire crystal, the back is a flat sapphire crystal, connected by a double gasket.

The personalized silver rotor swiss watch replica mechanism is built on the basis of 3 Bridges, rhodium plated and fixed with blue screws.
The watch works on a manufacturing mechanism with timing and date display, located at 9 o 'clock. The caliber on the 25 stones provides 44 hours of energy storage and a balanced frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The caliber height is 7 mm. The function of the mechanism is: hours, minutes, chronograph, 3 o 'clock position small second hand, 12 o 'clock position 12 hours pointer, 6 o 'clock position 30 minutes pointer.
The innovative design comes from the hand-stitched calfskin belt, which was treated in the traditional way by Tuscan artisans in the 19th century. Belt buckles are also made of bronze.
The waterproof chimera u-51 bronze watch is 100 meters high.
The novelty watch is available in limited quantities -- only 300, so it's hard to get hold of the chimera u-51 bronze watch, but it's worth it.
U-boat watch official website.

The famous watch company submarine, best luxury replica watches the first watch by ifontana in the Italian navy in 1942, has now won its unshakeable position in the watch industry, proving that Italian watches can compete with Swiss in all parameters, and its design in some cases, even before them. The company proudly showed off the u-boat's new men's watch, the Black Swan, at the 2012 BaselWorld annual show. The black swan men's watch is a perfect combination of wartime watch design and modern visual and luxury elements. There is no doubt that "black swan" immediately caught people's attention. Its numerous elements, such as the company's iconic crown on the left case, look perfect against a black diamond background, which is literally a scattering case. The power reserve of the watch is provided by the automatic movement, which is modified into the u-boat watch function. The large case is 45 volts in diameter and is made of 18 karat gold (2N) with a satin finish. A large crown with a special protection system is located on the left side of the case, which has become a feature of all u-boat watches. The total weight of the gold model is 108,25 grams. The 800 black and white diamonds (white decorative logo), weighing 11 carats, adorn the entire case and even the strap,replica u boat watches sale giving this watch a unique luxury look.

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