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Alexandro Mercês
   These sheets fit the "Dream On Me 3" portable crib mattress perfectly.  I was concerned that they might be baggy, but they weren't.
Vikhyat Katyal
   These are awesome hang around the house shorts. I got them in 2 colors I liked so much. The fabric is substantial but soft. I'm usually a 12-14, and I wanted a loose fit, so I got XL and they are perfect. An L would have fit too, it just depends on how you like them. On my 5'4 self they come down a little longer than in the picture.
Megan Ip
   Be aware this is for kids. Perfect. I'm happy with that purchase.
Dax Tablizo Conde
   I bought this for my 3 yr. old grandson.I knew it would be a little too big but he will grow into it and he loves it

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